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This is a Romanian blouse inspired by an authentic Romanian blouse, made now over 100 years ago. The product is entirely handmade, with love and passion, with cotton thread in different colours, predominantly: black, red, green, purple and light blue. For making it even more precious, the blouse has beads made out of glass and golden sequins, a combination that makes it look royal. The embroidery is rich, on the central front side of the blouse, and also on its sleeves. The vertical and horizontal rows are the main symbols of the Cucuteni culture and they represent the inexhaustible source of energy, having centered the four leaf clover as a main motif. Along the time, the Romanian folklore costume has received a number of different meanings depending on the territories they travelled to, building an ornamental diversity as mixing together different cultures: sobriety, gemoetrical patterns, etc. The sumptous embroidery makes the blouse look elegant and refined and it is an element from the Romanian late ninteenth century. The sleeve of the blouse is wide, it repeats the same central motif and it ends with a cuff style. The neckline is perfect for  putting into light the feminity. The product is entirely made in Romania, in the Flori de ie  workshop. The model keeps the same colours and tailoring as the original model, ensuring in this way the perpetuation of the Romanian art and traditions.

Sizes: S, M, L. Any other size can be made only by order, in 30 days. An unique product made only by @Flori de ie.

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